Mata Cucarachas

November 17, 2011

If my life were a book, this chapter would be called “Cockroaches”.  

You see, I sat here this morning eating a bowl of cereal - honey bunches of oats, for the scrupulous readers - and before the spoon hit my mouth I noticed that in the bowl from where it left a small cockroach sat and reveled in my milk. Without missing a beat, I calmly and slowly grabbed him with my index and thumb and threw him in the trash.

For a moment, I paused; how the hell did I get to a point where I was killing cockroaches with my bare hands?

This past week has been a blur. For sometime now Khaliq and I have known that this month would be a challenge (so much so that we considered being homeless) but I’m not sure I was prepared for speed at which it would all go down. One day I’m relaxing on the back porch of a quiet 3 story house with my dog Einstein, the next I’m squishing roaches in a small, shared, studio apartment in New York City.  

It’s hard to tell what got me here, but I’m excited. 

Does that sound strange? Maybe it is. The fact of the matter is it’s part of the forward progress for Social Blendr. We’re where we need to be, we have the tools to make it happen, and we’re on our way. 

Sure, there might be some … disgusting, ugly, and down right creepy discomforts… but if it helps us make Social Blendr a reality then I’m all for it.

Bring on the roaches.

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