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May 24, 2012

When I first read this article about releasing new “gaming” features and “stir” events I felt my heart sink. It’s not exactly Social Blendr, but it’s damn close. So far, no one has really come close to what we are doing. Well, looks like some of the bigger players are headed in the same direction after all.

The problem is, we don’t have a ton of traction. We haven’t been talking or writing about what we’ve been doing or been building. We’ve actually just been locked away, building, refactoring, rebuilding and starting over - for the last six months. 

So instead of us pioneering our new ideas out into the world, we’ll just be a copycat. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been building this or working on it, we’re a clone. Our idea isn’t worth anything! We’re doomed!


I used to think I understood how it worked. Whenever I would talk in person at networking events, I would explain the idea for Social Blendr without holding back. I would say

“if I can get you excited enough to steal the idea, then we really are on to something incredible. You can’t beat us at our own game, so I’m not worried”

I really thought I believed this. Looking back, though, I have to wonder: why didn’t we blog about it? Why weren’t we leading the conversation? I always had a sinking feeling I didn’t want people to know exactly our secret sauce, because, you know - they’ll steal it! 

So while I was saying outwardly one thing (ideas are worthless!) I was acting another (can’t tell you ALL our stuff). It’s funny how some distance can give perspective.

Consider this a hard lesson learned, and one I thought I understood; ideas are worthless, execution is everything.  You can only gain feedback by talking about the idea, and feedback is a good thing.

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