I promise I'm a lot less vain in real life

It's fairly difficult to make a website devoted to yourself without coming off as a just a wee bit narcissistic. So lets just dive right in and start talking about how great I am. You can probably glean everything you need to know about me from the following tweet:

So clearly I'm pretty gangsta. At the same time, I once bought my family these "ChristmasJammies". They were kind enough to wear them and allow a picture to be taken.

Merry Christmas from the Washburns #ChristmasJammies

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The fact is I'm just one of the luckiest guys in the world who is determined to not let my good fortune go to waste. I'm looking to make an impact on the universe, but I get that it takes time. I one day hope to be a father my children are proud of.

I'm also a nerd that likes to play with technology that I can use in hackathons. That wasn't supposed to sound like a joke, but it did.